My Boring Holiday

july 06 th, 2016

My holiday is so bored, because I spend my time in grandma’s house and not doing anything, is like being in prison, huft. I can't read any book because there is very crowded, too many children at home, they are my nephew and my niece, I like them but I hate the crowded place. I'm an awkward person, I feel I'm so awkward when I'm going to start a conversation with my family, I just can't choose the words to start a conversation with them.

Lebaran is coming, at least I can using “Minal aidzin” to start a conversation haha.

By the way, this is first time for me to write a journal diary in english, I feel so awkward with this, and I hope you leave me a comment or criticsm about this post, it can make me better than now, have a nice day haha!

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  1. Minal Aidin ^.^
    Let's keep blogging in English. You can join english writing challenge in
    I like your blog header and theme

    1. Nice to see another post for Blog English Club. Yes, just like what Dwi has said, let's join the challenge regularly! That might help you to be less awkward :D

    2. @Dwi : Minal aidin ^_^ and thank you...

      @Vita : Oke, i'll try :))


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