Dreams Interlude

I feel zing to someone (if you already to watching hotel transylvania you’ll get it), I never thought that it'd be easy cause we both so distant now, I start to looking at her when I first met her there, I think she is an unique girl, I dont understand it, I just love the way her smile. It’s funny when I bring her to an event that I never come before, just she and I.

I always see her every night in my dreams, she gives me strength and spirit with her smile. I never stop to looking at her, start from she’s look so weird, till she’s look so cute right now (I think my feeling makes she's look so cute). Yesterday I dare myself to start a conversation with her, chit-chat with her till midnight is coming, it’s enough to makes me get a nice dream every night. Day by day I talk about something with her, share anything with her, and I think she knows my feeling to her, till I get a reality that I can’t stay beside her anymore.

Too late for me to realize this feeling, too late for me to explain it to her. Now, her heart's already filled by someone else, not me. Huh. No matter how hard I fought, she never look at me. It’s look like when you try your best but you don't succeed, I just remember what chris martin said, huhuhu. So, I’m feeling blue right now. Everyday looks the same, flat. I just thinking that the earth is flat, like my day in everyday.

I never thought to be her boyfriend, I just want to share anything with her, but I think she felt annoyed by me, so what can I do? I stop to talking with her anymore, and trying to stop thinking about her, and I know its hard. I realize the screaming pain, hearing loud in my brain, but I’m going straight ahead with the scar.

(Np. Maliq & D’essentias - Untitled)

Finally, I can't found the correlation between this post content with this post title. By the way, today is long weekend, start from Friday till Monday, but I’m not doing anything, I still repair my brain and repair my heart. I just watching anime and listening the song in my laptop, I think it’s enough to make me forget about the broken heart. I’m trying to be strong, I’m here standing alone, but its time for me to face the future, I never forget this feeling, and I hope that she’ll look at me someday.

3 komentar

  1. Kalok jodoh gak ke mana. :')

    Ah jadi baper nih bacanya. Huhuhu. Maaf ya gak komen banyak. Takut kamunya ngerasa makin sedih. :'

  2. Hmmm. So deep :")
    You are strong enough, i know.

    Kamu cuma butuh waktu aja kok untuk terbiasa tanpa dia. Ambil sisi positifnya, ingat.. Patah hati adalah loyalti, buktinya saja postingan ini adalah hasil dari kamu yg sedang patah hati.
    Semangat ya.
    Pelukjauh {}

  3. Huhu..
    I feel.. This is the finished from ^take off^ my love which make me borring
    And finished from ^landing^ in my heart

    Why cant I say that Im in love ?
    And I hope, nobody knows Im in love with someone's baby



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